SSP – 计算软件

SSP(舒瑞普软件包)是我们为高级热交换计算开发的专用软件。该软件能够进行单相、冷凝器和蒸发器等的级联和双阶计算。您只需输入数据,SSP 就可立即显示出最符合您需要的产品建议。

Developed for demanding calculations and with an intuitive user interface, the program has become an effective tool for engineers throughout the world. It is available in a number of different languages, and is based on our extensive knowledge of heat exchanger technology.

SSP is available in two different versions: SSP G8 and SSP Online. SSP G8 is the full standalone version that can be installed on your PC. SSP Online is a lighter browser-based version using Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome. It’s available 24/7, always up to date, and allows you to save your calculations online. No installations are required and you have the reassurance of a secured login.

SSP G8 – 直接安装在您的计算机上

(如果您的网络未开通或有类似情况,请将软件直接 下载 到您的计算机上,并按照下列 注册说明 进行操作。)

SSP Online – 登录和在线使用